OB Šibenik

  • Client: General Hospital of Šibenik – Knin county
  • Service: Complete energy renovation according to ESCO model
  • Performance period: February 2018 – August 2018
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01 - Client

General hospital ŠIBENIK

The General Hospital of Šibenik-Knin county was opened in 1883, and then it was a modern hospital of pavilion type. The Polyclinic building was built last in 1982, and after that the hospital was not extensively renewed. It currently has 296 beds, and it is estimated that 110,000 people gravitate towards this institution, of which hospital treatment covers about 15,000 patients a year. The hospital employs approximately 950 staff and represents a modern general county hospital where diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed.

02 - Challenge

Energy renovation of the complex

The hospital complex consists of 14 buildings, of which 11 buildings have been renovated as part of the energy renovation, total area 24.106,00 m2. The hospital had to function without disturbances during the execution of the works, which had to be completed in the short term, and the biggest challenge was the complete reconstruction of the boiler room where completely new equipment was installed. Specific part was also the fact that a large part of the building is made of natural stone on which it was not allowed to incorporate heat insulation and thus achieving energy savings was even more challenging.

03 - Solutions

Used measures

  • thermal insulation 8,400 m2 of facade
  • thermal and waterproofing 2,120 m2 of flat roofs
  • thermal insulation o5,600 m2 of sloping roofs
  • replacing 2,830 m2 of outdated windows and doors with new PVC windows and doors
  • internal and external lighting was replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting, a total of 4,894 lighting fixtures
  • central air-conditioning system was installed, 10 VRF systems were installed with 134 internal units, thus achieving better user comfort
  • boiler room and 9 thermal substations were completely renovated.
  • new hot water preparation system

New hot water preparation system implies the preparation of over 3 highly efficient heat pumps that use coolant as ecological cooling medium. There are also 33 solar collectors and two smaller gas cascade devices that serve as a help to the heat pumps.

All systems are interconnected and automated to achieve maximum savings and provide central monitoring and management from one room.

04 - Results

After renovation saving of up to 51%

After energy renovation, ecological energy-generated products are used, which greatly reduced the CO2 emission in the atmosphere, in total 49%. The boiler room after the renovation began to use natural gas as a primary energy-generated product, and almost the total amount of DHW is prepared from renewable energy sources. Power consumption before energy renovation amounted to 7.731.183 kWh / year and after renovation it was 3.921.832 kWh/year, which is a saving of 51%. Energy-generating product costs before renovation amounted to approx. 4.347.929,00 HRK/year, and after renovation they amount to approx. 1.961.294,00 HRK/ year. The return of investment will be achieved from financial savings over the next 14 years.