KBC Split-Firule

  • Client: KBC Split - hospital Firule
  • Service: Complete energy renovation according to ESCO model
  • Performance period: November 2016 - July 2017
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01 - Client

KBC Split-Firule

The Clinical Hospital Centre is the largest hospital centre in Dalmatia that employs approximately 3200 people. It is the central health institution of the Split-Dalmatia county and the entire southern part of Croatia and is located in three locations in Split: Firule, Križine and the centre of the City. About 1 000 000 citiens of the Republic of Croatia and about 500 000 inhabitants of the southern part of neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as 500 000 tourists during the tourist season gravitate to this regional hospital institution. The hospital owner is the Republic of Croatia, and the rights and duties of the founder are performed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The headquarters is in Split, Spinčićeva 1.

02 - Challenge

Energy renovation of the hospital

Hospital Firule covers an area of 67,000 m2, it was built in the period from 1940 to 1986 and since then it has not been renovated more extensively. Energy renovation implied energy measures in almost every part of the hospital. Additionally, it was necessary to replace the complete equipment in a hospital laundromat that has been in operation for more than 30 years. The biggest challenge was to rebuild the hospital while at the same time not disturbing its functioning. Also, the works had to be completed in a very short time, so coordination of all subcontractors, suppliers and hospital workers had to be precise.

03 - Solutions

Used technologies

  • thermal insulation 24,000 m2 of facade,
  • thermal and waterproofing 13,500 m2 of roofs,
  • replacing 9,000 m2 of outdated windows and doors with new PVC windows and doors
  • replacement of 18,000 lighting fixtures,
  • renewed climatization system,
  • renewed boiler room and 11 thermal substations,
  • new system of hot water preparation,
  • fully renewed hospital laundry...

Presentation of financial savings generated through the use of OIE, solar collectors and heat pumps, for one quarter.

60.000 HRK 40.000 HRK 20.000 HRK 0 HRK Before energy renovation After energy renovation February March January

04 - Results

Reduction of costs up to 50%

Work on the energy renovation of the hospital lasted only 7 months. Power consumption before energy renovation amounted to 34.227.000 kWh/year and after renewal it amounts to 19.000.000 kWh/year, which is a savings of 56%. In addition, water consumption was reduced by 54%, CO2 emissions by 62%, and 10% of total energy is produced from renewable energy sources. Energy-generating product costs before renovation amounted to approximately 16.310.000,00 HRK per year, and after performed renovation they amounted to approximately 7.800.000,00 HRK. The project itself will last 14 years and the cost of investment will be returned through savings.

There were 150 to 180 workers every day on the site, in total 300 people from more than 30 Croatian companies worked on the project.