• Client: Cedevita d.o.o.
  • Service: Remote monitoring of water and energy consumption
  • Performance period: November 2016. - July 2017.

01 - Client

Cedevita d.o.o.

Cedevita d.o.o. is a renowned Croatian producer of the most famous and long-lasting domestic products. Consumer care and sustainable development has been confirmed through systems ISO9001 for quality management, ISO14001 for environmental management and ISO50001 for systematic energy management.

02 - Challenge

Water consumption monitoring

Having the water and energy consumption under supervision is the first step in the sustainable development of any modern company. Taking into account every year's demands for increasing production, in Cedevita became inevitable to not monitor the consumption of water and energy per unit of product and analyze the dependence between these two variables.

03 - Solutions

Used technologies

In 2011, Cedevita started a cooperation with the company Rudan on the project of remote monitoring and water saving. The cooperation that has brought results in 2015 has been extended to remote monitoring of the consumption of all energy-generating products. By upgrading the remote reading system with the analytical solution Energo Monitor, Cedevita has been given a possibility of unified and analytical view of consumption of water, electricity, compressed air pressure and steam flow. In addition to monitoring water and energy consumption, the Energo Monitor system also monitors key energy performance indicators.

Cedevita had specific requirements for displaying data in Energo Monitor, and Rudan met all requirements by adapting Energo Monitor to these user specifics.

04 - Results

100% water loss reduction

Taking into account the reference year 2012, water loss has been completely eliminated. Energo Monitor and Aquacontrol are the inevitable tools for maintaining this state. Having consumption of all the energy-generated products under control, Cedevita technical staff has been given the possibility of alarming in case of incidental situations. In the event of an incident on electrical power supply, which may occur outside of working time, technical personnel will receive timely information that enables them to timely intervene, so there is no break in production activities. By monitoring compressed air in real-time (minute readings), the technical staff has been provided with a tool with which it is possible to detect a malfunction based on timely information which can have a major impact on production activities and cause additional costs. Based on the alarm, technical personnel can take timely actions to solve the problem.