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Investigation of losses in water supply

Investigation of losses in water supply

Water loss can happen anywhere and anytime, regardless of the current state and quality of the system. It is very important to spot the problem in time and eliminate the failure, because otherwise the financial aspects of loss may be significant. Signs that something is wrong may be different, from increased water bill, to the first notice of the humidity of the space, the walls, etc.

Finding a place of rupture is not always a simple job, so we offer you a service of water loss investigation. By engaging our professional team, we detect the exact place of rupture in a timely manner and thus we can reduce unnecessary cost and precisely detect only that part of the hydraulic system that is necessary to repair.

Rudan d.o.o. has been providing services of water loss investigation, remediation and emergency interventions for 20 years. Our mobile teams provide service across the Republic of Croatia and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Standard equipment includes field measuring vehicles equipped with devices such as: aquaphone, correlator, ultrasonic flowmeter, gas testing equipment, pipe tracing device, pipe recording camera, etc.

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