Energy Management

We provide services of systematic management of energy and water use in business organizations in a proactive way, in order to meet the needs of the environment and the needs for a more successful business. Our customers turn to energy management with the aim to reduce operating costs.

Although specific requirements and practices differ, however, basic principles can be applied, generally, to all companies, including:

  • Collecting data and measuring energy and water consumption
  • Identification of opportunities for energy and water saving
  • Taking steps for energy and water saving
  • Monitoring progress and further improvements

Our four services of functional energy and water management include:

  • monitoring and analysing energy and water consumption
  • implementation and maintenance of information systems for energy efficiency
  • consulting on energy efficiency and sustainability and implementation of SGE according to ISO 50001 standard
  • consultations for improvement of energy performances, i.e. for energy and water savings
  • conducting energy reviews
  • energy certification of buildings
  • solutions for energy-efficient lighting
  • implementation of Aquacontrol system for water management
  • solutions to reduce losses in water supply systems
  • comprehensive solutions for monitoring, managing and saving and optimizing water consumption in business entities
  • contracting and implementing projects in the field of energy services
  • implementation of measures and energy efficiency projects

Contact us with confidence and allow us to help you with the success and competitiveness of your business.

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Energy Managment Information System (EMIS)

Energo Monitor facilitates energy managers and owners collecting and using data in business organizations in order to identify opportunities to reduce costs, accelerate reporting and improve performance indicators.

Our team with its experience and tools can provide:

  • monitoring and analysis of energy and water consumption
  • implementation and maintenance of information systems for energy management
  • implementation and maintenance of Energo Monitor application solution
  • implementation and maintenance of other top EMIS solutions such as DEXCell Energy Manager and others

Properties of Energo Monitor

  • Intuitive view of data - enjoy full data and performance display (KPI) in real time
  • Identify your spending profile, spending impacts, and make strategic decisions at the level of entire company.
  • Advanced data analysis - Energo Monitor intelligently introduces you to your data in order to categorize, normalize and compare your performances.
  • Customizable reports - everything you ever needed to know about your energy profile is just one mouse click away.
  • Real-time alarm system – monitoring real-time energy-generating product consumption with real-time alarms. Be notified immediately if abnormal consumption occurs and control your consumption.
  • Overview on mobile devices - with its responsive design, Energo Monitor can display your current consumption overview, control panel, and alarms anywhere and anytime on all smartphones and tablets.
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Aquacontrol - water saving system

By using Aquacontrol - water management system, we provide complete control and management of water consumption. The solution includes specialized application solution for collecting, monitoring and processing water consumption data, appropriate hardware solutions, and utilizing our team's knowledge and experience with effective rationalization and optimization solutions for water consumption.

Application solution features:

  • 24-hour control over consumption
  • remote reading of data
  • simple display of processed data
  • comparisons and analyses according to given time periods
  • comparisons and analyses according to default metering points
  • graphical and tabular display of all data and comparisons
  • easy data archive management
  • ability to export data in Excel, PDF and CSV format
  • alarm system for unwanted consumptions
  • currency budgeting
  • adding unlimited number of locations to your system
  • upgrade with other Rudan services
  • tracking data on personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or Energo Monitor
  • simple and fast installation at any location
  • independent power supply and wireless connectivity

Based on the collected data on the current state and by the application of Aquacontrol methodology, the expert team continually monitors and advises the client on specific activities, which ultimately leads to significant savings in water consumption and achieving benefits.

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Systematic energy management - ISO 50001

Our team provides you with a complete consulting and support service during the implementation of international standard - energy management system - ISO 50001. The goal of this standard is to establish systems and processes needed to reduce energy consumption. It also organizes, executes and reports about projects for our clients. It uses rich experience and knowledge to identify areas where it is possible to make changes that result in significant savings and benefits.

The activities in the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard norm generally include: Education about the provisions of ISO 50001 standard and the assessment of company readiness to begin the introduction of ISO 50001 standard; Consulting and support throughout the whole process of company’s preparation and certification for the implementation of ISO 50001 standard; Teamwork with your employees and finding the best solutions for raising energy efficiency levels; Upon completion of the certification: Technical support, harmonization, annual auditing consulting, recertification preparation, long-term cooperation on energy efficiency projects... A clearly defined energy management system is the only efficient and sustainable instrument for steady progress in the area of energy efficiency for companies. Reducing the costs which such system brings is a powerful tool for achieving greater competitiveness on the market.

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Measures and energy efficency projects

We provide complete solutions for savings of all energy-generating products and water, from the determination of the existing state, detailed analysis and estimation of potential for savings, and implementation and monitoring of the obtained effects. We develop solutions proposals and perform the implementation of thermo technical system in the industry, public institutions and tourism.

Our engineering team has many years of experience in implementing the following measures and activities of energy and water management and offers you:

  • analysis, counselling, planning, preparation, education, execution and implementation
  • preliminary energy reviews
  • energy expert analysis
  • energy certification of buildings
  • education of energy managers
  • studies for energy strategy and development
  • process automation - design and implementation
  • photovoltaic power plants – construction according to the turnkey system
  • solar heating - construction according to the turnkey system
  • counselling about appropriate renewable energy sources and etc.
  • creating conceptual design and feasibility studies for specific projects
  • contracting and implementing projects in the field of energy services
  • solutions for energy-efficient lighting
  • consultations for improvement of energy performances, i.e. for energy and water savings
  • solutions for reducing of losses in water supply systems
  • contracting and implementing projects in the field of energy services

We approach each client individually in the implementation of energy efficiency projects, by offering a complete approach to the solution.

Our energy management team provides a complete service that gives business entities a clear picture of their energy and water consumption and what they can do to reduce consumption in the future. Project realization includes these processes:

  • State analysis
  • Determining required investments
  • Proposing effective specific solutions and their implementation and maintenance.
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Istraživanje gubitka u vodoopskrbi

Gubitak vode može se dogoditi bilo gdje i bilo kada; u novoj kući, vrtu, zgradi, proizvodnom pogonu, hotelu… Bitno je na vrijeme uočiti problem i sanirati mjesto puknuća cijevi.

Znak da nešto nije u redu
  • brojilo vode/vodomjer se neprestano vrti
  • imate prevelike račune za vodu
  • imate vidljivo puknuće cijevi
  • tragovi vode na zidovima
Mogući uzroci
  • brojilo vode/vodomjer se neprestano vrti
  • imate prevelike račune za vodu
  • imate vidljivo puknuće cijevi
  • tragovi vode na zidovima

Pronalazak mjesta puknuća nije uvijek jednostavan posao, stoga Vam nudimo uslugu istraživanja gubitaka u vodoopskrbi. Angažiranjem profesionalnog tima, pravovremeno ćete otkriti točno mjesto puknuća te na taj način umanjiti trošak i precizno detektirati samo onaj dio hidrauličkog sustava gdje je nužna sanacija.

Rudan d.o.o. već 20 godina pruža usluge istraživanja gubitaka vode, sanacije i hitnih intervencija. Naši mobilni timovi pružaju uslugu diljem RH te su opremljeni najsuvremenijom opremom. U standardnu opremu ubrajaju se terenska vozila opremljena uređajima kao što su: aquaphone, korelator, ultrazvučni mjerač protoka, oprema za ispitivanje plinom, uređaj za trasiranje cijevi, kamera za snimanje cijevi, i dr. Za više informacija o usluzi, cijenama i slobodnim terminima kontaktirajte nas na:

Dalibor Križanac, mob. 099 440 0403 / dalibor@rudan.com

Gordon Potkonjak, mob. 099 258 6315 / gordon.potkonjak@rudan.com

Hrvoje Paić, mob. 098 220 773 / hrvoje.paic@rudan.com

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