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Rudan d.o.o. its path of development and expansion sees exactly through the knowledge and expertise of its employees. 44% of the employees in the company have high professional qualifications, and all of our employees are constantly trained and educated. We offer our employees a comfortable working atmosphere and an opportunity to work in a modern company oriented to development and new technologies. If you are professional, innovative, expert and have high ethical principles, we invite you to send us a resume and briefly describe what are your areas of interest, what you are good in and what motivates you. We also offer the opportunity to perform practice for the students of mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering and computing.

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Mjesto rada: Žminj


  • - obrazovanje iz područja tehničkih znanosti: elektrotehnika/ strojarstvo/ informatika/ mehatronika i sl. (Viša stručna sprema, Stručni prvostupnik, Stručni specijalist, Visoka stručna sprema, Magistar struke)
  • - radno iskustvo u struci više od 3 godine
  • - korištenje programima: MS Office, AutoCAD
  • - spremnost na putovanja i terenski rad
  • - vozačka dozvola B kategorije
  • - komunikativnost, odgovornost, organizacijske sposobnosti i sklonost timskom radu
  • - motiviranost za postizanje rezultata

Područje rada i odgovornosti:

  • - prodaja usluga energetskog menadžmenta
  • - izrada projektne dokumentacije, implementacija tehničkih rješenja za sustave daljinskog očitanja potrošnje energije i vode te podrška i vođenje klijenata
  • - konzultantske usluge vezane za uštedu energije i vode
  • - konzultantske usluge za implementaciju norme ISO 50001

Vrsta zaposlenja: Stalni radni odnos

Rok za prijavu: 14.09.2019.

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How is it to work in Rudan

Tomislav Galant


„I came to Rudan as part of the required professional practice at Polytechnic Pula. I got the opportunity to try the work on a real project and see how it is to work in a modern company. I worked specifically on developing a receiver for collecting data on consumption of energy- generated products and its field testing.“

Antonio Družetić


„I work in Rudan for two years as a plumber at the area of Istria, mostly in tourist complexes. Since my work is on the field, I work in a team with at least one colleague and it is very important that we get along well and complement each other. We work a lot, but working conditions are good so we can focus on specific job assignments and how to do them better.“

Andrea Klanjac,

Assistant of the head of technical support

„After graduating from college, I started to work in the company Rudan and for five years I have been working here on technical support and remote-monitoring projects. Every day we meet new challenges and situations at work and in that way, we improve our knowledge.“

Paulo Tripar, mag. ing. mech

Energy efficiency engineer

„I performed my professional practice in Rudan for two years in the summer months, and during that time I managed to transfer the theoretical knowledge that I learned at the faculty to practical work on energy efficiency projects. In that way I successfully prepared myself for the labour market. After graduating from mechanical engineering study, I was given the opportunity to start a career in Rudan's team through work on the largest projects of energy renovation in Croatia.“