Innovative and modern
"green" company headquarters

The first energy passive business building in Croatia

In 2014 the company moved into the first passive business building in the Republic of Croatia, thus gaining the first "green" corporate headquarters of a Croatian company. The company Rudan has applied the knowledge of his own engineers and best practice examples to achieve the A + energy class in this building whose innovation is complemented by modern architecture. Our passive building can also serve as a representative and demonstration centre where are applied energy solutions that we are also able to offer to our clients and their projects.

Innovative techincal solutions
used in the Rudan building

  • Specific architecture – shape factor
  • Compact reinforced-concrete construction.
  • Self-ventilated facade with heat insulation of 30 cm
  • Contemporary LED lighting.
  • Smart home system and SCADA system.
  • Solar collectors for low-temperature underfloor heating and consumption hot water heating.
  • Smart home systems for optimizing system operation and solar heat utilization.
  • Advanced energy and water consumption meters with continuous monitoring system.
  • Built-in photovoltaic power plant with 10 kW power.
  • Energy efficient openings - triple insulating glass
  • Professional ultrasonic weather station.
  • Heat pump of average conversion factor 4.7.
  • Ventilation recuperation system with combined heat exchanger.
  • Own rainwater tank for all needs except on drinking water taps.

Photo gallery

Modern headquarters of the company
with specific architecture

The building has a total surface area of 802 m2, has a very specific architecture, self-ventilating facade, preparation of hot water with solar collectors, heat pump and air recuperation system, uses electricity from its own photovoltaic power plant, uses modern LED lighting, has a modern interior design and so-called "Smart home" management system. About twenty employees work in the building, mostly engineers and economists, and there is a warehouse and a centre for field units in Istria.