Company Rudan


Rudan d.o.o. is a leading company in the Republic of Croatia in the field of energy efficiency - with emphasis on projects of complete energy renovation and water saving projects according to the ESCO model. By investing in renovation and optimisation of infrastructure, introducing technological innovations and rationalization of consumption in business processes, the company achieves significant savings in consumption of energy-generating products and shares financial effects with customers.

We employ 56 experts and field staff, and we provide services on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. Our headquarters is in Žminj, and our offices are located in Zagreb, Rijeka and Split. The company is gradually also expanding to foreign markets, and in 2016 it opened its branch office in Serbia.

  • Rudan d.o.o.
  • 9. rujan 1/H
  • 52341 Žminj
  • Rudan d.o.o.
  • Bužanova 21,
  • 10000 Zagreb
  • Rudan d.o.o.
  • Put Drage 3, Okrug Donji 21223
  • Sveti Križ 28,
  • 51000 Rijeka


The company Rudan was established in 1994, and since 1998 bases its business operations on energy efficiency. In 2000, Rudan d.o.o. started the implementation of the first ESCO project of water savings in Croatia. In 2014, the company turned to major energy renovation projects of public buildings such as hospitals and sports complexes.

ESCO projects were most important for the company's development, considering that the need for different thinking has developed a culture of innovation and constant progress. The company is defined by constant deliberation about new business models, strengthening human resources and technical progress.



Within the company there are several departments that complement each other
and through which we provide a complete
service, namely:

  • ESCO projects
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Tourism


Rudan d.o.o. is developing a long-term partnership relationship with its clients. With efficient management of energy-generating products and high-quality energy solutions, it is a reliable partner in reducing costs of energy-generating products and in that way, by achieving significant financial savings to clients, it also contributes to their business success.

Rudan Team

Rudan Management Board

Graciano Rudan,

owner and member of Management Board

Danijel Benčić,

chairman of the Management Board

Departments Rudan

Esco projects

Marko Gržić,

head of ESCO projects

Facility Management

Elvis Bulić,

technical director

Finance department

Enis Babić,

head of finance

Energy management - EnMS

Damir Grgorović,

executive director for energy management

Sonja Filiplić,

head of sector for systematic energy and water management

Tourism sector

Roberta Rudan,

director of tourism sector

Estelina Rudan,

consulting manager